"Marco Canora, of Hearth, is very proud of his new spaghetti machine, and so I let him take me for a test drive. There are a few of these machines here and there in New York — Marea has one, and I bet Lincoln does too — but soon all the top spaghetti restaurants will want it. Another step forward in the evolution of spaghetti! And it even has a racing stripe." - Ozersky.tv



"The AEX18 performs incredible! It's a solid machine that doesn't quit. People cannot believe that we produce our own pasta at this volume using such a small machine. I like to think of it as our mascot - people want to come into our kitchen just to see it. It definately gives us an advantage over other restaurants. The machine is very powerful and I am more than happy with it." - Michele Forgione



"The ARCOBALENO AEX-18 is an indispensable workhorse for any restaurant serious about its pasta. The maintenance-free design, reliability and ease of operation assures a consistent and cost effective product with the value addition of essentially paying for itself. The multiplicity of available dies also allows maximum creativity and variety in menu options. It changes the game regarding the cost and quality of pasta in any food service operation." - Shola Olunloyo



"Over the years we have felt reluctant to purchase a commercial pierogi machine. We wanted our pierogies to keep our special hand-made quality. But, Arcobaleno's pierogi machine amazed us. Arcobaleno made a mold for our machine to match our hand made look. When we take a pierogi off the conveyer belt, we can not even tell that a machine made it. It is incredible.

In 3 hours we are able to produce 350 dozen pierogies while we run the machine at 50% capacity. The more Pierogies we make, the more we sell!

We are so happy to have made this purchase. " - The Demchuk's



"Arcobaleno was such a pleasure to work with. I had a nightmare experience with another company when trying to get a fixture for my Gnocchi Machine. Arcobaleno was able to fix the problem and get the part back to me the next day. I tell everyone I come across in the industry about Arcobaleno. They have top notch customer service and a wonderful manufacturing staff that thoroughly tests the machines before they are sent to the cutomers." - John Sarran



"Our experience dealing with Arcobaleno has been extraordinary to say the least. Your technical support, and genuine concern for our business is rarely seen in todays marketplace. The training afforded my team was invaluable, and the trouble shooting CD has come into good use. Brioso values the relationship with your firm and will continue to do business with you as we grow in the future." - Ray Stratford



Uncle Guiseppe's Marketplace in East Meadow, NY makes a huge variety of fresh pasta, daily with just ONE Arcobaleno machine!



"So off to PA we went to visit Arcobaleno, an Italian pasta machine distributor that offers training on the actual machines you buy before you purchase them. Not a bad idea huh? So after making sure we found the one, we welcomed our new baby, affectionately nick-named “Mama Nella,” to CropCircle Kitchen." - Leigh & Rachel



Paulie, himself and an Arcobaleno Pasta Extruder are featured in an article in Modern Luxury Magazine!



“If you ever need a referral, please use me. Service is lost in our industry, good purveyors are very rare, Integrity is non-existent. You are one of the very few and I’ll be doing business with you for the rest of my career, as well as steering anyone I know to you!"
- Chef Stephen Stewart | Tidepointe, A VI Community

Other Satisfied Customers:

• Alfalfa's Market - Boulder, CO
• Michigan State University's "Boiling Point" Campus Restaurant
• Carlino's Market - Ardmore, PA & West Chester, PA
• Citarella Gourmet Market - New York, NY
• Whole Foods - Cranston, RI Store
• And the list goes on...