ARCOBALENO, LLC guarantees this device against defects in workmanship or material under use and service for a period of twelve (12) months which begins upon receipt of machine by the customer. All obligations and liabilities under this guarantee are limited to repairing or replacing, at our option, F.O.B. our plant, of such allegedly defective units as are returned, carrier charges prepaid. All repairs or replacements are made subject to factory inspection of returned parts at company plants. No liability is accepted for consequential damage which may include but is not limited to: damage or failure that has occurred due to misuse, acts of God, damage due to reinstallation labor or improper application. This warranty does not include electrical parts. Defects as defined in the above paragraph shall not include decomposition by chemical action (corrosion).

In the event that a defect in material or workmanship occurs during the first ninety (90) days of the warranty and if Arcobaleno determines the field service is required, Arcobaleno will provide the required service and parts free of charge. The buyer will be responsible for and invoiced for all out of pocket travel and living expenses incurred by such a service call. After the initial ninety (90) days of the warranty, Arcobaleno will service the equipment at the customer’s facility at its prevailing labor rates plus expenses. A purchase order will be required for any parts or service ordered under this warranty.

Defects due to materials or manufacturing shall be examined at our expense but if the claim is unjustified, all repairs and replacement costs have to be borne by the customer. The guarantee does not cover accidental damage, negligence or inappropriate treatment, incorrect use or phenomena not depending on the regular functioning or use of this machine.

Guarantee on equipment and accessories furnished by outside manufacturers shall be limited to the guarantees of the respective equipment and/or accessory manufacturer for such units. This guarantee is null when the machine has been repaired by non-authorized personnel and/or when spare parts have been supplied that have not been approved by the manufacturer.