Arcobaleno’s On-Location Test Kitchen

Come make pasta with us at our Lancaster, PA location! We invite you to demo our amazing machines. Experience the Arcobaleno Advantage – we offer product testing, factory accepted testing, factory training, and post-sale service & support.


Chefs Love Arcobaleno!

“Fees had tapped into an apparent pent-up desire for locally crafted pastas…”

  Chef Stephanie Fees turns her talent and imagination to making pasta exciting again! Edible Blue Ridge Magazine  |  Winter 2018  |  by Steve Russell  |  Photos by Paul Whicheloe􀀣􀀺􀀁􀀴􀀵􀀦􀀷􀀦􀀁􀀳􀀶􀀴􀀴􀀦􀀭􀀭􀀁􀁴􀀁􀀱􀀩􀀰􀀵􀀰􀀴􀀁􀀣􀀺􀀁􀀱􀀢􀀶􀀭􀀁􀀸􀀩􀀪􀀤􀀩􀀦􀀭􀀰􀀦 􀀣􀀺􀀁􀀴􀀵􀀦􀀷􀀦􀀁􀀳􀀶􀀴􀀴􀀦􀀭􀀭􀀁􀁴􀀁􀀱􀀩􀀰􀀵􀀰􀀴􀀁􀀣􀀺􀀁􀀱􀀢􀀶􀀭􀀁􀀸􀀩􀀪􀀤􀀩􀀦􀀭􀀰􀀦“It… Read More

Santa’s Sleigh Made an Early Stop

December 22nd brought a big surprise to the office! The children gathered around as Santa unloaded his bag of goodies! Popcorn was popping and the wrapping paper was flying through… Read More

Upcoming Events

  1. Feb 6

    Arcobaleno Sales Rep Training | Feb 6 – 7

    8:30 am – 5:00 pm
    Lancaster, PA

  2. Mar 4
  3. Mar 19

    International Pizza Expo | March 19 – 22

    9:00 am – 6:00 pm

  4. May 19

    NRA Show 2018 | May 19 – 22

    9:00 am
    Chicago, IL @ McCormick Place