Flour Mill

  • Model AFM150 “Luna”

    Standard Features

    • Farm to table fresh flour from fresh ground whole berries
    • Exceptional flavor-filled flour to make your fresh pasta with outstanding taste and health benefits
    • Ideal for obtaining fresh flour for pasta, pastries, bread, polenta, and many others
    • Adjustable grinder for regulating the flour granular
    • Minimal footprint with equal efficiency
    • Create authentic Italian pasta with interchangeable sieve screens for different granularity
    Arcobaleno AFM150 Flour Mill, Pasta Machine
    • AFM150 Diagram
      AFM150 Diagram
    • Screen Basket with Interchangeable Screens
      Screen Basket with Interchangeable Screens
    • Inputing Fresh Bran
      Inputing Fresh Bran
    • Freshly Milled Semolina
      Freshly Milled Semolina